Speak Your Shame

Rejection & Shame

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I thought of would write a post on rejection and shame in the context of dating. I live in Toronto and Toronto is notoriously a difficult city to be on the dating scene. I find in Toronto men don’t do the hunting sort of speak. Men don’t approach women. Ive brought this up to a few guys and all Ive heard is “Ive stopped approaching women because all I get is attitude”. So if that’s the case, then the recourse is to give up? Yes, rejection is a part of life and no one wants to be rejected. However, since the dawn of time men have been the pursuers. Not everyone is going to be a home run but that should not discourage a man from going up to bat. I heard a quote recently from relationship expert Patti Stanger which said “men don’t know how to be men and women don’t know how to be women”. I think that is a big part of what I’ll call a dating crisis in today’s society. In my opinion, everyone must learn to deal with rejection as it’s a part of life. But especially for all of those singles out there (especially men) have got to get over rejection if they’d ever like to settle down and meet “the one”.


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