Speak Your Shame

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Can being vulnerable contribute to your success?

The Grammy’s were held recently and Sam Smith, a relative newcomer on the music scene, took home an impressive four Grammys. For those of you who may not be familiar with Sam Smith’s debut album ‘In The Lonely Hour’ it has hits songs including Stay With Me and I’m Not The Only One. The album is deeply vulnerable sharing his stories of heartbreak & rejection.

In his acceptance speech he thanked his former partner who broke his heart because that heartbreak spawned the creativity for his critically acclaimed album. He also said that when he first got into the music industry he was being everyone but himself: trying to lose weight, writing songs of no personal significance, not being comfortable in his own skin. He went on to say, once he embraced himself, that is when his creativity started to flow and he created this hit album. He said he’s grateful for being successful by being himself.

We all likely remember Adele’s highly successful album ‘21’a few years back. That album was also incredibly vulnerable sharing her stories of heartbreak. Is it possible that these albums were so successful because they were relatable? Most of us have experienced heartbreak and can identify with their songs. It must be extremely difficult as an artist to share so much of yourself and to put yourself out there to be criticized for your deeply personal work. However, those who are brave enough to do it, put themselves out there to reap the greatest of rewards.