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“Happy” Holidays

“Happy” Holidays

This is the time of year where we freely say “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas” to any and everyone we come across. The reality is that this time of year isn’t happy or merry for all.

The holidays means for some:

  • Sitting across the holiday dinner table from an uncle who molested you
  • Listening to your family berate you for not being married yet
  • Digging yourself deeper in debt buying presents you can’t afford
  • Feeling isolated by not having a family at all to spend time with

While this is a happy time of year for some, for others it stirs up buried and often painful emotions of what this season is suppose to represent.

In an effort to be more authentic with yourself and others, don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself if this isn’t a happy time for you. Don’t feel pressure to bow to social conformity and pretend that you’re happy when you’re not. Denying your feelings only amplifies them.

I challenge you during this time to be real. If the holidays are just that…’holidays’ and not ‘happy holidays’ then be real with that. You deserve to live in your truth all year round.

Wishing you all an authentic holiday season!