Speak Your Shame

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How Much Extra Weight Are You Carrying?

How much extra weight are you carrying? And I don’t mean physical weight. How much extra weight is weighing down your soul? What secrets are you trying so hard to suppress?

Are you buried under crushing debt but you are keeping up appearances that everything is okay?

Are you living in a loveless marriage and pretending that you have never been happier?

Did you get laid off and you’re ashamed to tell anyone?

Is a family member an addict and you’re afraid to admit it to yourself and others?

Are you an addict and you’re afraid to admit it to yourself and others?

Did you drop out of school but you tell everyone you have a degree?

Are you estranged from your family and act as if you have a great relationship?

Do you suffer from a mental health issue that you’re afraid to speak about?

The list goes on and on about the things that shame us; the things that we try so hard to ensure no one else finds out. All of that is extra weight. All of that is an extra needless burden we carry.

How much lighter would we feel if we let it go? And by let it go I mean to speak about it; to be honest, real and authentic. How much closer would we feel to ourselves and others by speaking our shame?

We live in a society where disconnection & loneliness run rampant, mental health issues are plaguing us and addictions to any and everything are an epidemic. Is it possible that these are the symptoms of a soul burdened by shame?

Very important questions to ponder.